Some awareness-raising activities were carried out in the two pilot districts. They were devoted to spreading awareness about the issues of energy reduction as well as of the role that ICTs can play in improving energy efficiency at the district level. DIMMER was also presented as a key example of how ICTs can reach the objective of energy reduction together with an increased energy awareness among users.

25th November 2015

The first event took place in Turin, at the Kindergarten Braccini. Participants have been thirty-seven teachers and school assistants of two primary schools. The event was a training for trainers meeting. It lasted three hours. The program consisted of:

  • How District Heating works in Turin;
  • What is a peak of consumption;
  • What is cogeneration;
  • What DIMMER is developing – presented by IREN;
  • Energy saving best practices at the residential level (both thermal and electric energy) – presented by UNITO;
  • Distribution of leaflets on energy-saving best practices.
Awareness workshop Nov 25th
24th – 27th July 2016

A DIMMER exhibition & dissemination event took place in Manchester during the European Science Open Forum. The Open Forum lasted 4 days and participants have been c 4,500 national and international delegates from over 90 countries including academics, early career researchers, innovators, educators, business leaders, journalists, and policy makers.

The program of the DIMMER event consisted of: exhibition of the main results of DIMMER along with other Greater Manchester Low carbon projects.

Awareness workshop Nov 25th
6th September 2016

In Turin, a second training for trainers event took place at the IC Palmieri and involved 4 primary schools. It lasted two hours and a half and participants have been eighty-eight teachers.

The program consisted of:

  • The DIMMER project;
  • Introduction to ecological issues;
  • Good energy-saving practices;
  • Distribution of leaflets on energy-saving best practices.
Awareness workshop Nov 25th
11th September 2016

An information activity took place at Bocciofila Concordia in Turin. Bocciofilas are place where the game of bocce is played. Bocce is a popular and traditional game in Italy. Despite of their name, bocciofilas are meeting places, whose activities are not only limited to the game of bocce. Eighty-two participants have been involved.

The program consisted of:

  • distribution of leaflets on energy saving;
  • discussion with visitors.
Awareness workshop Nov 25th
26th September 2016

The final dissemination event in Manchester took place at the Greater Manchester Environmental Liaison Group.

Participants have been twenty local municipality officers from Greater Manchester and larger public bodies including GM Fire, Transport for Greater Manchester and the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority.

The program consisted of presenting the main results of DIMMER.

Awareness workshop Nov 25th