Dissemination activities


November 25th 2015 an information meeting was organized at the kindergarten Braccini, in Turin. The meeting was explicitly requested during the interviews and the focus groups that were carried out in the first year of the project. In fact, the people involved in the research activities had expressed the desire to develop greater awareness on the topics covered by the project.
The meeting involved personnel from two schools (a kindergarten and a primary school): 38 people in total, including teachers, school assistants, deans. It was jointly conducted by the University of Turin and Iren.
Covered topics:

  • District heating operation: strengths (reduced emissions and use of primary energy) and weaknesses (peak of consumption);
  • ICT innovations that DIMMER is developing in this field;
  • Energy saving good practices at home and at school.

foto meeting braccini

Researcher’s night in Turin (Friday, September 25th)

Last Monday, May 16th, lab drawingTOthefuture participated at “Turin International Book Fair 2016”, presenting an interactive game, called “DIMMER District Board Game”, in order to achieve one of the aim of DIMMER project, that is the dissemination for citizens. In this case, the game watched at a years target of citizens between five and sixteen years old, trying to sensitize this citizens target about  energy efficiency at the district level, through tools such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 3D Printing.

Thursday 27th and Friday 28th, May 2016, Talent Garden Turin hosted two workshop about DIMMER European project: two meetings with users to assess the Web application together and the results for the near conclusion of the project.
In particular, at the first workshop was attended by the Building Managers, while the second workshop was dedicated to public administrators.

Thursday 8th, September 2016, a workshop was held for energy utilities professionals.

Enjoy the article about these workshops on torino.talentgarden.org

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Some awareness-raising activities were carried out in the two pilot districts. They were devoted to spreading awareness about the issues of energy reduction as well as of the role that ICTs can play in improving energy efficiency at the district level. DIMMER was also presented as a key example of how ICTs can reach the objective of energy reduction together with an increased energy awareness among users.

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On Friday, September 30th, lab drawingTOthefuture participated at Researcher’s night in Turin, to present a game with the aim to raise awareness and empower users (especially the younger generation) to energy saving

Turin Researcher’s night 2016