Objectives of this WP are

  • Definition and implementation of the District Information Model;
  • Definition and Implementation of the web interface and security protocol;
  • Definition and implementation of simulation engine for integration of energy related information from sensors as well as building and distribution network models;
  • Definition and implementation of the visualization engine, aimed at making available the integrated information on personal devices such as tablets and smartphones.

WP progress


Achievement since the beginning

  • The hierarchy of the data of the DIMMER project based on six main domains (Urban/District, Building, Energy Analysis Model, Building Automation System, End users awareness, Visualization and simulation) has been defined as well as a set of tools to be used during the project. Several test are under test.
  • The initial specification of the interactive community interface has been defined. Based on this, a Building app (a simple iOS app showing district heating values as well as other information for selected buildings) and a Web application (showing historical and simulated real-time data, integration with data layer) are under development.