Objectives of this WP are

  • Creation of tools for involving users into energy related decisions and collecting their feedback;
  • Classification of users depending on their energy and building usage;
  • Development of a context framework for district level energy awareness;
  • Strategies for visualization of energy information.

WP progress


Achievement since the beginning

  • An initial identification of target (user) audiences (GENERAL PUBLIC USER GROUPS & their Associations, INDUSTRY, and SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY) has identified in relation with WP7 and will be verified/implemented during the second year of the project.
  • The initial architecture of the Context Awareness Framework was designed to be in-line with the overall platform development and the middleware services. Both, the Context Awareness Framework and its integration with the DIMMER platform are ongoing tasks.
  • This initial architecture consists of the following main modules: Context Model, Service Registry and Context Providers.
  • Three main findings to work have been identified:
    1. The energy supplier (especially in Turin) is primarily interested in optimizing and rationalizing the use of the current infrastructure of production and distribution, for example through peak reduction measures.
    2. Facility managers and energy managers are interested in saving money, and preserving a state of thermal comfort, in order to avoid complaints; they have responsibility for energy budget and reducing energy use, and are proactive and interested in energy saving issues.
    3. The users of the buildings are mainly interested in comfort but, in the case of private buildings, the monetary aspects acquire a higher degree of prominence.