The Dissemination objectives of this WP are

  • Set up communication channels and web portal solutions for communication and community contribution;
  • Promote vision and project results of DIMMER to the relevant target groups across Europe in scientific and commercial communities and public bodies.

The Exploitation objectives of this WP are

  • Develop an effective and realistic exploitation strategy for project outcomes;
  • Develop a professional business plan documenting potential business ideas;
  • Develop a replication plan to deploy on a large scale in the market.

WP progress


Achievement since the beginning

About  dissemination

The website has been setup (, the dissemination plan has been designed and several action have been carried out (definition of the graphical identification of the project, lectures, publications and preliminary version of a DIMMER game and a show, etc.).

About  exploitation

Eight exploitable results (Simulation/Visualization Engine, 3D Engine, Web Platform for Energy Benchmark, Energy optimization and cost analysis, Middleware for data integration, Sensor Network for environmental monitoring, GIS-BIM interoperability, Methodology for social accompaniment in processes of energy innovation) have been identified and carefully analysed by taking into account the information available so far and the possibility to exploit them in industrial, academic and research sectors. For the commercialization strategy, the risk assessment analysis has been set up and a SWOT analysis was performed to analyse the DIMMER strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.