DIMMER benchmarking tool

The Benchmarking Tool is part of the web visualization tools developed in the framework of the DIMMER project. The tool compares the energy performance of a selected building in different heating seasons and/or against other similar buildings (respecting the privacy) as well as assesses possible scenarios for building improvements. The Benchmarking Tool innovation consists on the capability of evaluating how the district is influenced by single building and vice versa. Innovative aspect is provided also by the possibility to compare the building energy behaviour (in terms of energy consumptions) against “a virtual building” representing the average behaviours of similar buildings in the district for privacy reasons. Last but not least The Benchmarking Tool provides a web-based viewer for the visualization of IFC/BIM models based on WebGL technologies.

DIMMER dashboard

The Dashboard aims at providing stakeholder with a model for dynamic monitoring and management of energy consumption. This solution integrates GIS data at the district level (both for Turin and Manchester pilots) such as buildings, networks, topology and the live and simulated data shared among the DIMMER middleware components. Moreover BIM (Building Information Model) is available for twenty representative “case buildings” analyzed in detail, extended to the whole district in Turin. SIM data is available at network level: district heating / power networks, energetic and environmental readings from the sensors. In particular the Dashboard manages district heating data in case of Turin pilot and district heating, HVAC and electricity data for Manchester pilot.


The district visualizer

The district  visualiser allows visual access to a range of real time and static city energy data that can be manipulated and presented on a selected visual canvas for example map/model, and viewed in a collaborative mode including the use of  virtual reality. Using the visualizer functionality exemplar applications can also be built for specified scenarios/use cases.