Three validation meetings took place during the last phase of the project. Their objective was the assessment of the visualization tools, carried out by target users’ representatives:

  • Building managers, 26th May 2016
  • Public administrators and planners, 27th May 2016
  • Energy utilities professionals, 8th September 2016.


Validation workshop with Public Administrators and Planners

The carried out workshops lasted approximately 2 hours each. Up to eight members of the consortium were present at the meetings: two of them as facilitators, the other ones were computer scientists and developers ready to answer to technical questions. Participants were demonstrated how to use different functions, then they were left the possibility to freely navigate through the tools.

Participants have been:

Users categories Number of participants
Energy utilities professionals 7
Building managers 10
Public administrators and planners 11

Validation workshop with Building Managers

The workshops were divided into sections of assessment, each one dedicated to functionalities or aspects of the visualization tools. Participants were asked to compile a questionnaire containing questions (both close-ended and open-ended questions) related to each of the assessed functionalities.

In general, participants gave high evaluations of the tools developed.


Validation workshop with Energy Utilities Professional